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work has been rough lately. my line on my shift hasn't been running for half the week. the first day (Wednesday) I was able to stay on my line anyway to clean because I have the most seniority, but the next day I was forced to go to line 4. they told me they needed more people but it was immediately obvious that was a lie. they were overcrowded. the team leaders from my line and my supervisor all got to go home around lunch break that night because they had "nothing to do" so I believe I was made to go to another line because they didn't want to let ME go home--they probably had this planned before the shift fucking started. and they LIED to me about it. I'm also pissed because of the "nothing to do" thing. why were none of them forced onto another line to slave away and sweat in this inhumane factory that doesn't even have fucking air conditioning? disgusting. they get to stand around with their thumbs up their asses and ignoring people who are struggling to keep up all day when the line IS running. I never hated authority so much as that day, and that's saying something.

my one work friend didn't come to work at all yesterday. I kept looking for her (I was around the same line as her, just not in the same area) but her bag wasn't even there. I'm worried. she's already on super thin ice because when we went back to work after a layoff, she didn't read the text message that told us we'd be back the following Monday, and was then gone for two whole weeks. its only because they like her so much that she wasn't fired. they told her she couldn't take any more days off before her 2-year mark or she WOULD be fired. I hope she somehow got a vacation day at least.

the team leader for line 4 told me we all have to report back there on Monday again... for the whole week. the only thing keeping me going was that it was supposedly the last day I had to be there. I guess now I have to suffer through another week with them yanking me all over the place like a dog, never able to get used to where I'm at. and every single place I get taken to where they claim I'm needed, I'm obviously not. it's terrible for my mental health. everybody else from my line but me gets to stay in one fucking job and be left alone. I'm the one getting treated like crap for no reason at all. it makes me feel really unwelcome and unwanted. I'm NOT useless. I'm not stupid. this place is so awful.

lastly, today is supposed to be the day I get a new car... not sure anymore if that's happening. I don't think I can trade my car in at this point because I don't have the ability to clean it properly and more importantly, I don't have all of the information on it that I'd need. I don't know what to do with it--drive it to a junkyard and leave it??? fuck. life is the worst right now.

11:22 am - 06.26.21


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