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everything worked out yesterday just as if the gods were smiling upon me. I was able to trade in my car even though it's disgusting and they were able to find my information for me somehow. there also just happened to be only one perfect sedan for me, a silver 2018 ford focus. they literally didn't have any other sedans and really wanted my trade-in because they needed cars on the lot. and the ford focus they had had just been dropped off the day before, its owner couldn't drive it anymore because she had become too old. the salesman said it was funny how things worked out because if I had come the day before, he wouldn't have had any sedans for me. and bigger cars are not ideal for me. I like to be close to the ground as I myself am close to the ground at five foot one. it would be hard to get used to an suv or truck and I'd be constantly afraid I was going to hit people when parking.

ah well. after all the excitement of yesterday, I wasn't interested in going grocery shopping so I will need to do that today.

10:37 am - 06.27.21


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