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twenty one pilots' newest album dropped yesterday, and I've listened to it twice. in my own opinion, I think it might be their best album to date. there has been a pretty complex story/world behind this and the album before it (trench) which i knew the gist of and which goes back much farther than anyone initially realized. there are too many details for me to keep up with and I don't have twitter anymore anyway. I remember very well when all this was being discovered. it was chaos in the fandom. kids were pulling all-nighters to figure out clues. I was too stupid to get very far so I didn't try after a while. a lot of the lyrics and themes in the last two albums don't really make sense unless you're familiar with the story, so as a refresher and to hopefully learn some new information, I've been watching youtube videos for half the day on twenty one pilots/Clancy lore. it's truly fascinating and mind-blowing and has reminded me how much I love this band and what geniuses they are.

this album is supposed to be "propaganda". a manipulation of sorts, I think. its a "production of dema", which is this city the character lives in that's a lot like a cult. I shouldn't even try to explain it here, I'll make a fool of myself. so its imagery and advertising and even the sound of the music is bright and happy and appealing to draw people in while the story behind it is very dark. the very name of the album, scaled and icy, is apparently an anagram for "Clancy is dead."

I'm just very excited. I'm glad people made videos to explain stuff for idiots like me, because part of what made me drift away from the band is that it felt a lot like super-intelligence was highly valued while the rest of us were left behind. I felt like we were purposely left in the dark just because we weren't geniuses and I didn't think that was fair. this on top of the fact that there has been favoritism before.

6:54 pm - 05.22.21


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