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I'm going to try to make this short since it's close to bed time and I'm just not much in the mood to talk about it anyway:

1) got my car fixed, was super happy about it finally being over, and tonight my check engine light turned back on. I cannot afford to go do all that shit again, and cannot deal with the stress of it again right now. I have not done my taxes yet (need to do it ASAP) and my rent has not come out, and I have 800 dollars in my account. I'm all kinds of upset. why won't my life stop going wrong over and over? why won't my car let itself be fucking fixed? it has been SEVERAL WEEKS.

2) there was a wasp in my room earlier today. yeah, on top of everything the fuck else, for the first time ever a wasp somehow makes its way in. and I can't figure out how the fuck it did it. anyway, I've lost it now. hopefully it left the way it came in. I tried to duct tape any place on the fire escape it could have gotten in, but it could have gotten in through the vents for fucks sake. I hate my fucking life jesus christ why won't I get hit by a bus or piss someone off enough for them to shoot me I mean fuck. this has got to stop

3:02 am - 05.05.21


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