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had some of the worst luck of my entire life today. car acting up worse than usual, my water is full of sediment/dirt/whatever it is and just sort of leaks on the cold side so I very well may have to wash my hair in the kitchen sink tomorrow, my landlord doesn't seem to wanna do anything about it and will probably find a way to blame me bc he's low-key a misogynist and he's done it before, I got my dad to come over Thursday to help me change my car battery and pray that's the problem, and the worst part:

I tried to take a vacation day for Thursday since there's no way in hell I'm gonna be able to screw up my routine that badly and still go to work but it was denied, which was not explained to me. I spent the literal rest of the night crying as secretly as I could, though I'm sure multiple people saw anyway. it was, as usual, the awful painful kind that you can't seem to stop and it went on for at least 3 hours, maybe 4. I have to take that day off and it is my very last remaining day of my 5 for the year. I know it was short notice but I obviously would not have asked if it was not an emergency. I see being denied as nothing less than cruel. there was no good reason to deny me and completely screw me over.

very, very, very bad day. I'd like it if the rest of my week went better but my hopes are not high. everything just keeps getting worse. this is way too much for me to handle. I live alone and am mentally ill. I can't fucking deal with all this at once.

2:05 am - 04.27.21


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