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I've made an appointment this morning to get a vaccine on Friday at 930 am. they're doing them at my work. they did them before for two or three weeks, the Pfizer ones, but i wasn't able to make an appointment and was wary of doing it during a week we worked anyway since I wasn't sure what symptoms I would have. these ones are the Johnson & Johnson one-shot vaccines, apparently. I'm not excited about having to be up super early but I am excited about getting that shit over with.

yesterday I had my appointment to get my car fixed and for some reason they didn't get parts in yet and claimed they couldn't see anything wrong yet because my car decided to behave as soon as I got there--my luck, as always. so I have to go again today. they're going to try one part that it might be and see if it helps , and the next part, the one that would cost 300 dollars, won't be until the 14th I guess. kinda sucks to have to wait around. but eventually it'll get done I suppose. I got really emotional (hopefully not outwardly, I didn't cry in front of the guy or anything but I felt really distressed) at one point when he told me he couldn't currently find anything wrong since my car was starting just fine for him and he kept saying I could leave the car overnight. I kept trying to explain over and over I don't have anybody to pick me up and I don't live nearby. so I took it back home. hopefully the problem isn't worse today when I start it up, because it seems to get worse every time I do. it makes me extremely anxious that soon it won't start at all and ill have to have a tow truck get it there and I'll have an extra expense on top of everything I have to deal with right now. I just hope the part they put in today will take care of it. I'd like just a little luck.

10:32 am - 04.07.21


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