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today I've been very troubled about a certain situation, and as a result I'm having trouble sleeping now. I've talked about this previously. I didn't give this musician's name before but let's just say it rhymes with mayley milliams. she in the recent past quote-tweeted a random person who DIDNT tag her that was saying mean stuff about her. it wasn't even that bad btw so it's like boohoo, someone said something negative about you, you could have ignored it. but instead she made the conscious choice as a thirty year old woman to quote tweet it, fully aware of her platform and the FACT that the kids on Twitter these days that are all fans of her were going to pile on her and viciously bully her and send her death threats. it was so malicious and subtly so, because she got to appear like she was innocent and didn't care when if she didn't care she would have left it alone and not purposely destroyed someone's life. she sent her fans to do her dirty work and in doing so revealed to people whose heads aren't up her ass what her true character is. she's a bully.

she's taken it another step further in the last few days. she made a shirt with the phrase that poor girl used on it to mock her, so everyone could laugh at her. and then said "all the proceeds are gonna go to save this live music club" so she again got to look like she did nothing wrong. and these fans around her that have placed her on a pedestal are just eating it up and praising her, saying she's turning a negative into a positive. its bullshit and it kills me but I should have expected it. I've seen it happen so many times. I feel like I'm the only person who sees through her. and I loved her so much, SO much, and I have her entire career but I don't see myself being able to get past this. I cannot see her the same way. it just goes to show--you should never idolize celebrities. you don't know who they are when no ones looking.

4:09 am - 04.06.21


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