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I've been emotional in weird ways since last night and I'm not really sure why. last night when I got on Facebook I had an "On This Day" post, and it turned out to be a RIP post about the old family dog from 6 years ago and for some reason that made me cry for a good ten minutes even though it's been... 6 years. like??? I haven't been upset about that in a long long time, even though when it happened it was horrible and tragic and it seemed very much like I was the only one who cared and tried to help her. I was standing there crying about how I used to lay on the floor next to her and rub water on her nose for her *insert eye-roll emoji here*. and I'm not crying about it at all typing it out right now, so. weird.

and today I've been watching Grey's anatomy (never seen it before, I'm not a medical drama person) and every episode has been pissing me off. it reminds me how much I hate people and how intolerant I am of ignorance and selfishness. blech. the worst one was the one where a woman decided to get her boobs removed because cancer ran in her family and if she kept them she would have gotten it, and everyone kept being mad about it. it's her fucking body, not yours??????? you still have your tits, why the fuck do you care about what she does with hers???? like oh my FUCKING god, if women even have the rights to control their own bodies they still get judged for it even though it doesn't affect anyone else! you get zero say, she gets ALL the say because it is HER body. why the fuck do you CARE

just, the rage I have toward a fictional fucking tv show ugh why

9:07 pm - 03.25.21


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