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in other news, ive been drawn back to josiah leming's youtube channel the last couple of days (now josiah & the bonnevilles, changed to a sort of classic country sound, with all the old stuff gone now, except the iconic grainy low-quality One Last Song video... my favorite). idk where it came from. ive stayed with him since american idol but in the last few years only half paid attention. it's strange. but i do tend to fixate on things for a while.

he's responded to me a bunch of times in the old days and may even still remember me. i also almost met him once but yknow how my social anxiety does. my throat closed up and all, couldn't even look up in case i made accidental eye contact and would be expected to say hello when my voice wasn't working. anxiety truly ruins everything.

3:23 am - 12.05.20


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