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despite me barely responding to my mother if at all, she continues to not take the hint and still keeps texting me--the upcoming holidays give her a reason to. i find it upsetting and am conflicted about whether i should block her number. it would help my peace of mind, but is it wrong? going no-contact is the only way to deal with a narcissist. it really is one of the hardest things you will ever have to do, though, as they say. i worry too much about hurting the feelings of people who have never viewed me as a human being and never had any sympathy/empathy/compassion for ME. but it's just my nature to care about others, and i can't not.

she texted me yesterday to inform me it was my dads birthday today. i already fucking knew that. i always remember my own dads fucking birthday. i am not three years old.

and i won't be home for christmas. i dread when that day comes and she realizes that on her own when i'm not there.

1:22 pm - 12.09.20


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