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god bless the people who wrote articles about asexual people that i found tonight. it's so nice to see. we need more representation and understanding. i'm tired of people assuming my repulsion to sex makes me childish, or means i just need to try it first or something horrible. my sister (who i haven't even come out to because my family are terribly ignorant and im afraid of all the acephobic taunts she would come up with later) once said in response to me being sad that my cousin never shared that she had lost her virginity with me (even though that's an especially triggering thing for me to hear, it makes me feel unloved and like she doesn't trust me) that it was because i "hated sex." thats not what its about???? what a blatant and awful and deliberate misunderstanding of me. what a fucking asshole.

i hope people continue talking about this more, and having more characters like me in popular shows. i don't want to be asked disgusting questions or have guys like my old neighbor trying to pressure me into having sex in order to change my mind, as if this is some kind of choice. i'm so deeply tired of explaining something so fucking personal and something that isn't even anybody's business.

10:27 pm - 08.30.20


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