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i tend to have a problem with authority (unless they treat me with respect and/or leave me the hell alone) and i think this is why i had an attitude problem all through school because i can see that everyone is equal. everyone's a human being just like everyone else. i get mad when people who were placed in positions of power treat me like i'm a child or like they're better than me in some way. they're not, lol. i could easily see myself spitting at a cop like shia labeouf oops

im getting irritated with my supervisor at work who is most likely a couple of years younger than me lmao. dude keeps calling me "miss mcknight" like he's my fucking high school principal. fuck out of my face with that shit. him calling me that is an obvious attempt to tell me he has power over me. makes me anGRY

1:31 pm - 08.31.20


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