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last night i discovered there is a diaryland diary written by kermit from shameless. lmao. strange that he chose this little place. i only know about it because i've been here since i was about 13 or something. same diary and everything.

funny that i found someone on here from shameless considering i've been binge-watching it (for the first time) for a couple of weeks--so much so that i just started season 7 earlier.

idk what else to say. i miss writing in here from my laptop but it's a piece of shit that's never on. i don't like turning it on because it takes like ten minutes to boot up, and that's without updates. it's my own fault for installing windows 10 on a windows 8 computer. now i can't remove it.

ive felt sad all day. and sick inside (i don't know how else to explain the feeling). i feel like shit about myself. i guess with all that's been going on with me lately, that's not a surprise. maybe part of it was seeing my sister yesterday. maybe she's part of what gives me that sick feeling. she's responsible for a massive amount of the abuse i've suffered throughout my life after all, and i hadn't seen her in over a month.

at least i got to see my nephew, even though he didn't really acknowledge my existence. i don't blame him for that. i'm just his aunt and he's almost ten. he likes his ipad. he's still attached to it like it's another limb.

2:29 am - 08.17.20


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