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spent some of the day at work thinking about killing myself. so, the usual.

right shoulder twinges when i lift my arm up. like most things, i intend to ignore it until it goes away. probably nothing. the bottom of my ribs on the left also hurt some for almost the entire day. also probably nothing. might have just been that i was hungry--i only eat pop tarts around noon and that's it until i come home from work. i worry a lot about my stomach. i wish it meant i was going to die soon. liver failure or some shit. although i'm pretty sure it would be a lot more unpleasant than this. what a bummer that i just won't fucking die.

should try to find a decent diary that is also an app (i hate the word diary tbh, so i've always used journal instead). more convenient. easier to get into. easier to maintain.

i wish i had a keyboard that wirelessly connects to my phone. typing on a phone is awful. and so slow.

3:24 am - 08.18.20


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