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today my one work friend (who has been m.i.a from work for two weeks) finally contacted me through Facebook messenger. i had assumed she'd quit without saying anything about it but it turns out she just thought we haven't been running this whole time because they never really sent out mass texts to tell us we should come back. she has to contact HR tomorrow. hopefully they will understand and she'll be able to come back.

I'm glad it was just a misunderstanding in a way because I was just a little hurt that she didn't tell me she was leaving or why. but it's also really, really shitty for her because she's out 2 weeks pay and... might be disciplined. it'd be awful if she ended up being fired. she's had such shit luck lately, what with us being out of work every other week and her getting a kidney stone in the middle of it. I guess I should have figured she wasn't quitting, she always tells me that WHEN she's fired she intends to skip out the door while flipping us all off. I just really hope things work out for her. I hope they understand she didn't know we were running this whole time.

3:24 am - 04.26.21


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