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I've had bra issues over last week (a bra I'd tried from the brand Soma had the underwire cut through and stab me in the tit far sooner than I expected it to, so I went back to thirdlove) and finally got a new one this morning in the mail. the material is very comfortable, as are the straps, but it is not actually full coverage as claimed and I'm sure this is a constant problem with other brands as well. I want comfort and to not be worried about my fucking boob popping out while I'm trying to work at my factory job. problem is, they don't actually make womens clothes for women, they make it for the men leering at us. it infuriates me and reminds me that this is why the only "women's clothing" i will ever wear is what I am forced to--bras. unfortunate that I even have to do that as they're so fucking expensive for just one of them.

8:13 pm - 03.21.21


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