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today I have to sit here and be sad because this one guy at work keeps moving my bag just so he can eat in my spot. it would be fine if it were just a little bit, but he moves it all the way over to some other area. I made it fairly clear yesterday that it pissed me off that he put his hands on my personal property but I can't guarantee he won't do it again today. nobody ever respects me when they can see I don't like something--they think they can just do whatever they want. I'm tired of constantly having to stand up for myself. I'm tired of another person messing with me as soon as one thing ends. I'm never able to feel safe. I just want to be left alone. that's it. that's ALL I want. but when people see that they've upset me, they get the mindset of a middle schooler and think to themselves, what would she do if I did it again? this place is full of shitty people. I wish I could get another job. I'm so fucking tired.

2:41 pm - 02.24.21


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