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entry number two of the day, apparently.

i want to tell someone so bad that my mom and i are done. but i don't really have anyone to tell. i could tell alysha, but she has a lot going on right now, being an ER nurse and her dad having cancer. it doesn't feel right to talk to her about it. i don't think she wouldn't care, i just think maybe it would be a little... i don't know what the word is. insensitive? i could tell my dad but we only talk when he wants to know what i want for a birthday or christmas or when i need something fixed. ever since he got remarried, he doesn't seem to want to talk or hang out. as for airrianne, i don't even have her number. i can only speak to her at certain times at work.

my life is so goddamn lonely, it's laughable.

12:45 pm - 11.07.20


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