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I had made an appointment for tomorrow at a mechanic that is closer to me, and they just asked to reschedule due to a sick child. I get that and all, it's just that I don't know how much longer I can wait before my car croaks. I mean jesus. I've been trying to get this shit fixed forever and now I have to wait yet another week when it might not be able to.

another thing that I've become less worried about over time (although I'm still a bit worried, and thinking I should carry around my box cutter since it's the only weapon I have, and god I wish I had pepper spray) is that tomorrow, the 24th, was declared by a small group of pieces of shit on tiktok as "national rape day" and you can imagine what that means. the news about it became widespread though, and lord knows there are a lot of men that would think it was funny or that they should participate--that statistic, 97% of women, didn't come from men being wonderful. i know some guys are not like that, but... 97%? there are more bad ones than they would like to believe. luckily, a lot of people are not taking this threat lightly. I just hope there is no news to report on Saturday or Sunday.

11:08 am - 04.23.21


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