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I have such a hard time lately with how the teenagers on the internet have made bullying cool and funny again. and some millennials are letting it influence them as well. it hurts me on behalf of the people that are getting piled on. I have a hard time believing that anyone deserves it. as I've said in the past, I have experienced it and I have watched others suffer through it as well. I cannot believe it is ever okay. there are people I have lost some respect for as a result, and its hard to deal with, because i watch everyone else around them cheering them on and telling them they did something amazing by hurting another human being over virtually nothing.

in other news, I've been missing when I used to write poetry. no one ever giving a shit about my work in the past partially damaged my ability to ever write again--its not about other people, of course, but it makes you feel like you're just really bad and you should quit entirely because no one notices you anyway. I also just haven't been feeling it anymore for the most part. maybe I've grown out of it, I don't know. that seems stupid, since poetry isn't a childish thing. I don't know what happened. I don't know if it'll ever come back to me. it used to be part of my identity, in a way.

1:14 pm - 04.15.21


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