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I go back to work tomorrow. I'm trying not to dread it. I had a lovely week off even though I did none of the things I wanted to.

some lines are still not running. mine is running this time though, obviously. 1st and 2nd shift as usual, and volunteers only for 3rd for some reason. and all overtime canceled. I have to wonder if this means we might have next week canceled as well if they are still unable to get parts in... which is good for the mental health, bad for the paycheck. at least another stimulus check is coming at some point. oh well. we will see how things play out.

I've read a book each day the last couple of days, and I've started another one. admittedly, two of them were young adult novels, but they still count. I still love YA. one of those books was also a re-read... The Giver (a book every person in the world should read, in my opinion). but it still counts! I read two literal entire books.

I almost said that's more than I've read in a while but then realized that's very much not true. I've read much, much more fanfiction than most people. and oftentimes, those fics would be very enormous books if actually printed out.

I'd go on a good rant about all the positives of fanfiction, all the good it does and how much of it seems a lot better than most published fiction these days, but I don't have that much time right now, lol. it's getting close to my bedtime.

alas, my final day of freedom must end sometime.

1:55 am - 03.08.21


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