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I continue to have trouble getting rid of my mother even though I feel I cannot be more fucking obvious.

my w2s got sent to my mother so I got a text from my sister telling me she had them. I said to send them to my po box (duh?). finally got them in the mail the other day, they were sent to the wrong po box which shows how much she has ever fucking listened to me, but at least I got them. infuriatingly, another envelope was enclosed with a 100-dollar check from Christmas (that's now in the garbage) even though I thought it was pretty clear that I didn't want a gift from her because I want nothing to do with her.

and this morning I wake up to another text from my sister saying mom wants to know if I got my w2s. I had to respond "yes". I'm starting to get really pissed off and if she mentions her again to me I'm going to have to cuss her out. how can it not be fucking obvious I want nothing to do with her? I want to be left the fuck alone to live my fucking life. how can they be this stupid? this is not some petty temporary silent treatment. I AM FUCKING DONE.

12:51 pm - 03.06.21


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