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occasionally, despite not having Twitter anymore for many months now, I like to check the accounts of a couple of favorite musicians to see if anything's new. a female musician I've loved since I was a teenager (who recently did a couple of solo albums, I feel like I shouldn't say her name) responded to someone who made a mean comment about her without @'ing her which set all of her fans upon this person to bully them. this isn't even the first time she's done something like this. I know she must be well aware of her platform and that she has seen what other people are saying to this person. but at no point has she ever told people at large that it was not her intention to draw attention to someone and that she wanted the bullying to stop. she doesn't seem to care. she told someone else that she was bored.

I have at one point (when I was around 17) had this happen to me, thankfully to a much smaller degree. it was the same fandom. I have also seen this kind of thing happen to other people in a different fandom--william Shatner and mark pellegrino were responsible for sending all THEIR fans to destroy someone. I have seen what this shit does and it's just not okay. it's middle school mean girl shit. it rubbed me the wrong way the first time this woman did this but now I'm a little upset. she doesn't seem to feel bad about it. just because someone makes a rude comment doesn't mean they deserve to have half the internet relentlessly and ruthlessly bullying them. maybe you should just ignore it. if you are secure in yourself, if you are working on yourself, why do you want someone else being torn down? you could indirectly cause someone's fucking death.

I guess that's my rant for the day lol

8:57 pm - 03.03.21


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