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second Monday in a row. at least this time this weekend we have overtime so it will be like I'm just doing a full regular week in terms of pay.

I'm heartened to know that other countries are appalled to find that we have a limit on how many days we are allowed to take off. I feel the same way. we cannot control the things that happen in our lives, and in my case, our mental illnesses. the fact that we may be doing overtime every week until July and that they never shut down the plant for bad weather and we're forced to either risk our lives or waste one of our days is representative of how evil this corporation is--the output of fridges over human lives, always. and this isn't the only place like this. we aren't human beings to them and it's sick. production has increased in the last few decades and they're going to continue expecting more. nothing is more important in capitalism than production. not sanity, not family, not health. money. I'm sick of this world. the more I see of it, the more I want to leave.

1:58 pm - 02.15.21


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