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I finally have a whole weekend to myself, no overtime this week, but it will be the only one for a long time. my team leader said it might be overtime every Saturday until July and I hope that's not true. it's cruel to give us overtime at all, but that?

life is so very, very long. far too long.

wind chills have been very dangerous for the last week or two. I can't remember how long exactly, because weeks have been stretching out forever lately. I think it's clearing up sometime next week, though, or maybe the one after that. last night at work a man I don't know asked me to give him a ride to the other side of the building to his car as it was too far to walk and they had blocked off the turnstiles inside the building for some reason. I helped him out even though I was leery about it (that kind of thing will make any woman nervous since that's how women so often get kidnapped and killed). he gave me two dollars even though I kept telling him he didn't have to. I'm grateful he was such a nice guy who really just didn't want to freeze to death.

I have to get my prescription this morning from a little ways down the street. I'm glad it's so close but I still don't want to get out of bed.

9:07 am - 02.13.21


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