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today, my neighbor who I share a wall with waited until afternoon to start vacuuming rather than 730 am when I'm trying to sleep. thank.

last night at work (for overtime, hopefully the last for a while) a guy who is notoriously mean to anyone on the other side of the liner if they don't do everything perfectly had a complete meltdown. he was screaming and freaking out so loudly the entire line could hear him calling one of the girls names. at one point I think he might have been crying, he was saying "PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD." this went on for hours until the supervisor had to be called down to talk to him, then I didn't hear him much for the rest of the night. I'm pretty sure he was still being an asshole but more quietly. my team leader still wasn't there so this poor kid who's new to the floater job and whirlpool in general had to deal with his shit all day in addition to having to help people while being on the line at the same time (a lot of people didn't show up this week because the weathers been so bad).

one half of me felt angry at the guy screaming at people all day considering how awful it was, because even I have never treated anyone that badly for so little reason. after a while I started feeling like there is no excuse whatsoever to treat another human being that way. I can't imagine how much he must have hurt the girls that were back there. but the other half of me felt some compassion because I was told by my friend that he had tourettes. I wasn't certain that behavior comes from tourettes so I looked it up and it turns out that sometimes people who have it also suffer from "rage attacks" which can be triggered by anxiety. so I don't know. it's really fucked up.

12:49 pm - 02.07.21


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