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when dad went grocery shopping with me, before we went in he said that he didn't think people should have to wear masks if they don't want to.

he's smarter than that. much smarter. he must be so brainwashed from the trump presidency still, that's the only explanation. everyone knows how fucking plagues work, come on. the reason it's so bad is because of the fucks that say shit like that, think they're entitled to not give a shit about other people. I couldn't believe it. who is this guy? he's different now. he's somebody else.

and what really hurt was while we were shopping, he judged me the entire time for the things I bought (and as a result, I only got a few things). he kept making comments about being healthy and talking about diabetes and veering very close to fatphobic territory. I didn't even buy anything sweet, I just said casually that I always kind of want to buy a cake but never do. he hinted that I should get some vegetables (I have reasons I don't buy those, and I have gone over the fact that I don't have time to cook and don't like to in the first place). at some point I said "I will eat what I like" and he backed off, saying "that's fine" and he didn't say much after that. he's never treated me like I'm not good enough before, like I need to change. not until he married that awful woman. again I ask, who is this man?

9:39 pm - 01.31.21


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