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my mental health must be getting really really bad. today I cried (and am still crying a little) because when I was extremely behind someone fixed my mistake instead of helping me and then continued ignoring me. nobody ever helps me when I get behind and I can't call out because my anxiety makes it so I physically can't most of the time, especially if no one who can help is near me. it was just like how my life always goes. I'm always alone and left to just suffer. I've never had anyone who truly cared and wanted to hear the sbit I'm feeling. it makes people uncomfortable. even when i post sad things, even if I say I want to kill myself, no one on social media ever responds at all. literally. but I see other people's comments full of love all the time. I've never understood what makes me so different. is it just part of my soul contract that everyone will always ignore me like that? that I have to be alone? idkm

12:16 am - 01.30.21


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