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well. the woman who's been bothering me found a way around the rules again, this time in a way I can't do anything about--shes leaving her purse and water bottle in someone else's area. I keep trying to think of it as she's someone else's problem now, someone who probably won't mind because they aren't crazy like me, but it still makes me furious.

had to ask my dad if he would come on Sunday to change my lightbulb in my kitchen because I'm too short to reach it even standing on my step stool after realizing I can't live on lamp light forever, and said "I didn't want to bother you" and he just a minute ago answered back, "you aren't bothering me, I'm your dad" and now I'm crying. it's really such a mark of how my mother treated me like a burden my entire life.

11:55 am - 01.28.21


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