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rewriting entirely since previous 101 was weird and mean. my schedule got messed up more than I expected. I decided to get started on my day early and its good I did since as soon as I got out of the shower, my landlord called me saying he was going to plow the parking lot so id need to move my car in about 45 minutes. no time for coffee. i went out and shoveled all around my car (I overdo it since I'm afraid of getting stuck, I shovel a few inches away from my car on each side to avoid that). two of the men who live in the building were doing the same, and thankfully there was also a random dude in a truck that plowed the whole road out. managed to get back on my regular schedule once everything was done with, so everything's good now. now I just have to leave for work at 2 and hope yesterday gets called a weather day so I don't have to be written up. soon I will be able to start applying for other jobs within the factory. once February comes its a clean slate and all my personal days and vacation time comes back. maybe one day the union will succeed in getting more personal days out of them. I know I'm not the only one that thinks 5 days out of 365 is bullshit.

10:22 am - 01.26.21


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