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yesterday went well. I was very concerned the woman who has been bothering me would come to torture me all day on Friday (people on third shift are allowed to work all day with us on second shift fridays if they want to for overtime pay) but she didn't. i was also in higher spirits due to my decision to get back up and fight.

my supervisor came to talk to me and was very nice, he listened and took me seriously--id been so worried no one would do anything to help me which is why I felt so defeated earlier this week. I thought there was nothing left to do. he said he would have a conversation with the woman the next time she came to work and if she did anything else to let him know and he would escalate to disciplinary action. I hated before that he was so young and hungry and took his job seriously but now its the thing thats saving my life. funny.

there was a very weird moment right before I walked away from him where I thought I should hug him. I didn't, thank god. its just weird because I never, ever get the urge to hug someone, not ever. I don't even think to touch a person at all most of the time and I get a little confused when someone tries to hug ME. I don't know. I was probably just so relieved.

11:39 am - 01.16.21


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