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i am really dreading tomorrow since i am obviously not going to my moms house. i'm still worried about what she will do. i'm worried my sister will say something once she realizes what's going on. we have had a couple of conversations but nothing to do with our mother so far. and if she says something, it might either start a fight or she will again treat me like i'm a stupid shitty person, with horrible disdain toward me like she has always done. the way that makes me feel like a slug on the floor she's considering stomping on (which is, of course, the goal because she's always thought she is so much better than me in every way and wants me to believe that too--i think it infuriates her that i never have and never will). i am likely going to be anxious all day, afraid of my mother pulling up.

3:33 pm - 12.24.20


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