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my one free day this week was to be spent doing things, but so far all i've done is shower and watch stuff on netflix. i was going to go to the laundromat since i'd only have enough quarters for one load of laundry in the washer in my apartment building, but i think i've decided on just washing what i need for next week as it's a short one at work (3 outfits, but an extra just in case we have to work friday) to make it a single load. i haven't gone grocery shopping yet either, and it's almost 6. i'm nervous as fuck to go when there will be a lot of people in the store. my stomach is hurting. social anxiety is pure hell. i wish they wouldn't make us do overtime anymore. six days a week of hard labor is so physically and mentally draining--as if five days wasn't enough. then only having one day off and having to go right back for another full week. it seems so inhumane to me. we give enough, working on our feet at a very fast pace with a couple of short breaks and a 30-minute lunch for 8 hours straight (8.5 hours, really, but they don't pay us for the lunch break). the covid times have been hard on us as people are panic-buying fridges or some shit so we are behind on orders, and that work falls on the backs of us, the assemblers, the lowest rank in the factory. i often feel like the corporation doesn't realize we're human. we get punished for needing days off and everything. it just seems so messed up. if i could get out, i would, but there is nothing out there for me and no good future.

5:52 pm - 11.22.20


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