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in other news i just found out an old friend of mine from high school who used to be completely normal apparently deleted me on facebook so i went to her profile to find out why and holy garbage pile of batshit insane

this girl is fucking crazy. she lost all of her shit. she's one of those people that think vaccines are going to be used to insert fucking microchips and that 5g is going to kill us all or some shit. BAT. SHIT. thank GOD she deleted me.

(i think it was because i'm very pro-black lives matter and i'm not stupid enough to AT THIS POINT actually believe the protesters are the violent ones or that blm is somehow racist (i mean....what? y'all are like I aM cOnFuSiOn wHeN it Is NoT AbOuT mE). i actually listen to the people who were there rather than racist white people that have hard-ons for buildings or something and don't give a shit about the people being shot full in the face with rubber bullets and having to get reconstructive surgery. like............. priorities?)

i never explain things quite how i mean them in the moment but hopefully i don't sound stupid. i'm just passionate

3:57 am - 11.13.20


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