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today was a pretty big day for me, and i feel very proud of myself even if it's just little things. we had the day off of work for veterans day today, so i had some time. i washed five things in my sink which took a long time because i'm a terrible perfectionist with cleaning, when i do it (which is maybe part of why i have a hard time getting myself to ever do it, aside from the mad scream of anxiety in my head every day that i don't have time, i MUST stick to the routine or bad things will happen). but five dishes is more than zero!

most important of all, i gathered up all my courage to order a pizza online and even went inside to get it. i WENT OUT IN PUBLIC WHEN I DIDNT NEED TO AND COULD HAVE JUST FOUND SOMETHING IN MY KITCHEN. y'all don't realize how huge that is in my world. i did so well today. i hope i am able to keep it up.

2:50 am - 11.12.20


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