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that woman came back again tonight. i had a feeling she'd do it again because last night i heard their team leader tell them if they were still sitting at the tables when the clean-up bell sounded, they'd be fired. so she came back to MY area and set her shit down and then fucking camped out on her phone, and once again had the audacity to argue with me when i told her to fuck off. so i told my team leader a second time that she'd come back and he said he'd talk to sherry.

this may make me sound like a bad person, but fuck it, because she's fucked with me enough to turn on psycho mode: i don't mind destroying her fucking life and getting her fired if it keeps her out of my goddamn way. i don't take it well when people ignore me when i tell them to stop. no means fucking no. this will end and she will stop if i have to force her to. i'm done playing.

3:15 am - 10.28.20


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