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that lady that puts her stuff in my area when it isn't her shift yet came back again and i had to yell at her again and she had the audacity to ask me "why". that makes me so angry when people ask why when they know the answer because they're trying to be snotty. you're acting like a child and begging to be treated like one.

i'm just so fucking tired. i'm tired of having to fight all the time. i just want people to leave me the fuck alone. i don't know why drama won't stop finding me. i'm just trying to find some peace within myself somehow and find a way to love myself and as soon as i'm almost there, someone comes and messes with me and it's blown to shit again. y'all don't even know how many times this has happened to me. i TRY to mind my own business and be somewhat comfortable (or as comfortable as someone with tons of anxiety all the time can be) and some disrespectful person that i have to correct finds me. jesus christ when will i get hit by a fucking bus please GOD make my life stop

this shit just makes me feel so bad about myself because i really hate having to be mean to people and lose my temper but for some reason i only ever deal with the kind of person that refuses to respect your boundaries the first time you ask them to stop and then get an attitude about it when you ask them again (anyone else know the type or are they all only in my general area ever?). i can't let that shit slide anymore, it's no longer in me to allow disrespect. i physically cannot stop myself from standing up for myself anymore. and it makes me feel like i'm an absolute cunt and so once the initial rage fades, i'm desperately sad. i just want peace. i just want to be left alone. why is that too much to ask?

1:54 am - 10.08.20


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