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the "it's okay to completely ignore your best friends for no reason and they aren't allowed to be hurt by it" crowd continue to piss me off. of fucking course it's going to hurt somebody. maybe you should learn to take fucking responsibility, because what you are talking about is called victim blaming. people can't help having feelings. you don't get to sit there and be like "i don't owe you anything, it's your problem if that made you feel like complete shit and sent you into a spiral of self-loathing, the fact that it was MY ACTION that CAUSED your pain is irrelevant". go fuck yourself. when you hurt someone, you do not say "welp sorry i guess but i had the right to treat you like literal garbage" you just apologize and actually make an effort not to repeat that action because it is supremely uncool. i do not like the discussions around friendship these days. just say you don't give a shit about other people's feelings and go.

8:33 pm - 10.05.20


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