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today i heard an african woman behind me in the clock-out line say "what the fuck" and it brought me joy.

also, mere minutes after i arrived home from work (which for me is about 12:40ish am because i do not like the aggressive fast-paced energy of people in the parking lot trying to go home and cutting each other off and almost causing accidents for half an hour and so i wait in my car for it to clear out) my neighbor in the apartment directly next to mine knocked on my door to give me a violently pink cutting board with a cartoon woman wearing sunglasses on it as well as the word "Diva". i didn't have the heart to tell him i hate pink. i just took it. my hands then trembled for the next 10-15 minutes because that really scared me, and after wondering why all night i have come to the conclusion it was a painful mixture of social anxiety, being a woman living alone whose door is never knocked on especially in the middle of the night, and my paranoia that the cia had come to kill me.


3:15 am - 10.01.20


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