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it's such a joke that my job only lets us have 5 personal days (unpaid) for a literal entire year and acts like that's so generous of them. we aren't fucking machines my dude, we're human beings. oh and if you go over those days you get written up. take one more day off after that, second write-up. one more after that? fired. what garbage. i'm on my second myself, and was told if i took another day off i'd be fired:) zero compassion for people who have mental illnesses. lol. i hate it here.

still haven't called for the fmla thing. having anxiety makes it very difficult to even get help for it because you're anxious about *that*. asking for help is so nerve-wracking, especially when you were treated like a burden by everyone for your entire life and find it hard to believe anyone will even fucking care, or that you deserve to be helped.

1:03 pm - 09.28.20


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