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i'm a pretty big fan of billie eilish and just found out tonight she's apparently a militant vegan and i'm trying real hard to ignore it.

thing is, i Hate militant vegans. i hate most vegans tbh because very few seem to actually realize there are zero things wrong with not being vegan or even vegetarian, not everyone can do it and even if they could NOBODY FUCKING HAS TO, and that it's not like their lifestyle is fucking ethical in the first place. i despise people who think they're better than others and vegans are some of the worst in that way. live how you want and mind your own fucking business.

maybe people wouldn't hate y'all so much if you didn't think you're morally superior and tell everyone they're a bad person for not being exactly like you and say things like "of course i love animals, im vegan" and "you can't say you love animals and eat meat" like get a fucking life and shut your mouth susan, that's not how any of this works

4:10 am - 09.28.20


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