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today my state saw an enormous storm, what they called a "derecho," which is apparently very close to a hurricane but without the eye. lots of shit got destroyed. i was lucky: my home and my car were safe. i'm safe, too. i was outside when the storm very suddenly hit a little after noon. i thought there was a tornado because two seconds in, debris was already flying around.

i took the day off of work. my shift only got a 2-hour delay somehow when third shift got the whole night off. bullshit. it would be fucked up if they punished people for calling off today (as i'm sure at least half the plant did, if not much more) considering how devastated the state is. a huge chunk of cedar rapids is without power. whole trees and power lines came down, blocking roads. semis flipped on highways. a lot of property was destroyed.

3:44 am - 08.11.20


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