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i've made it to friday, finally. i woke up at 10:30 and for about a whole second, i had a good feeling, which i was baffled about until i decided it was probably because i realized it was friday.

ive had a rough week this week at work. a LOT of extra stress due to being expected to do a fridge liner model by myself that i absolutely can't handle. (i counted, and there are 13 things you have to do within around 20-30 seconds while the line is running. i have anxiety, that's cruel to do to me considering my team leader knows i start to panic every time i get behind... and i did. a lot.)

ive also been struggling with a lot of anger/rage brought about by the panic. i'm not even a little bit of a violent type, but i speak very viciously to the point where i feel like shit about myself for it later. there was a very lazy girl who was supposed to help me yesterday but didn't seem to want to (she barely did anything at all, let alone help me, and at one point literally walked off the line while it was moving to make herself popcorn). that didn't help.

time to get ready for work...

1:39 pm - 08.07.20


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