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holy shit, i havent updated in almost a year. it hasn't felt like that long at all.

update to my life: in mid-december, i quit my job at systems. (my boss was an awful person and had been trying to manipulate me more and more into doing shifts i said a million times i was not okay with, then the last straw was when she tried to force me to work 17 hours on christmas and i said no twice. and yeah, she often forced me to do extra shifts and come in early. so i quit.)

january 17, i started working at whirlpool on the assembly line. its been a month and a half or something idk. i'm still on probation--its 60 days and i dont think they count days off. every weekday and sometimes saturdays, 3 pm to midnight. its very hard work but i think its good for me. the people you work with make it worth it.

1:56 pm - 03.01.19


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