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a friend made a post regarding asexual people who are not sexually repulsed (I myself am sex-repulsed, but I was aware not every asexual person is, and there's nothing wrong with that). what my friend basically said was that her first reaction is to scoff at people like us, people whose sexualities and identities are not widely understood yet. that she feels like there's too many different things that need her to be "sensitive in a very specific way."

i know that she is not a bad or intolerant person. a first reaction is not necessarily who we are as people. and i understand. i wanted to tell her no one needs her to be sensitive in a specific way, because there is no specific way. it's just being accepting of people, respecting them. i understand that she just worries she's not being good enough to people. but it still hurt a little.

i hit puberty and noticed very quickly i'm not normal. i am still struggling a lot with my sexuality, still feel shame. there are a lot of thoughts i still fight. i know that most people don't understand being the way i am. it isn't their experience. i just want people like me to be acknowledged, to be listened to, to be respected. i just want people to be kind. being laughed at or mocked does nothing for me.

9:38 am - 03.19.18


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